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As far back as she can remember, Elzbieta Klemensowicz, now Ella K, has always dreamed of creating jewelry "which can be seen and contemplated like masterpieces".
This designer borrows from baroquism an overflowing style, an aesthetic richness, imposing, irregular shapes, enriched with a profusion of colors and contrasts of materials.

The artist has other sources of inspiration which satisfy his imagination and his desire to give thanks to what is beautiful. Nature produces incredible wonders, patterns, shapes, materials and colors that inspire her creations. Her jewelry is a tribute!


Semi-precious stones, agates, amber, shells, mother-of-pearl, sea bamboo, animal horns, dried fruits, snakeskin, Ella K in fact summons these elements by combining them with other materials.


In doing so, the artist breathes new life into the creation of artistic jewelry by composing for women a vegetable and mineral hymn to beauty and seduction.

All the elements that make up the jewelry are assembled by a resin material that forms the body of the set. Then, coloring pigments, gold leaf and varnish complete the creation.
Each set is a unique piece, which Ella K works with her own hands, from its conception to its finish.

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